"Stay hungry, stay foolish" - Steve Jobs


“I could choose to be either an entrepreneur, or work in a corporate environment, but knowing that I have the opportunity to leave a legacy of companies that people love to work for is probably the most exciting thing about being an entrepreneur.” – Tyler Reed

Tyler Reed I’m Tyler Reed, a 26 year-old technology entrepreneur, hacker and speaker on all things web and mobile. I have an interest in almost everything from advertising to physics, from finance to philosophy. I can be considered a jack of all trades, but I prefer the term semi-polymath.

I am a technology entrepreneur who has founded several startups with my own fair share of both success and failure. I apply much of my time to understanding how bleeding edge technology intersects with established processes and industries to disrupt the status quo or form new opportunities.

I have spoken at numerous conferences and workshops about the intersection of technology (web and mobile) with advertising, commerce, consumers, media and marketing, and much more. In a consulting capacity to bluechip companies, I have worked across various industries providing keen insight into how technology affects different aspects of their business. At the moment, my time is split between two companies (read how I work).

OnNet – CEO
OnNet is a technology execution agency. OnNet build’s things and powers the digital ambitions of some of South Africa’s top consumer and publishing brands.

I use this blog as an outlet for my thoughts on advertising, business, consumerism, economics, education, finance, marketing, philosophy, technology, start-ups and even venture capital. I hope to share my experiences and things that I have learned along the way. I intend on providing sharp opinions on a few topics and encouraging discussion around them.

I am always open to connecting with people. You can follow me on Twitter @tylerreed. Alternatively, you can also contact me old school via email, on my mobile or Skype.

Contact Details
mobile: +27 82 664 7797
email: tyler [at] tylerreed.com
skype: reedtyler