Quick Update

Week of 23 November to 29 November.

I didn’t really capture much for this week. It was quite a busy week, however the focus was only on two projects. Only a few things to note really.

  • Shoulder is coming along nicely. Physio was good, except for the needle work. I’ve got good movement now, there’s still some discomfort and pain but rehab exercises are helping.
  • Quite a bit more coding. I really wish documentation for enterprise APIs were kept up-to-date and accurate, one would think they would be right?
  • Had my daily ColdPress smoothie each day this week. I might start alternating a little more with Nu though.
  • Spent Thursday with Pete, who left me with the following gem over lunch.
  • “PHP and Javascript are incredibly flexible languages but in the hands of noobs shit tends to go off the deep end.” – Pete

  • The team really love Nicole’s Friday mail full of gifs that recap the week for the team.
  • Proud of the team for rallying this week for a few late night sessions to get a project live.
  • Had a few deep conversations. We should be more sensitive about judging people upfront or assuming things, many people walk a tough road and are able to hide it behind their humble demeanour. Be patient and understanding.

Have a huge week ahead. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all outta gum.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 16 November – 22 November

A weird week as I got back into the office for a few hours here and there, and then immediately the whole day again.

  • Shoulder is healing well. Another 6 weeks until I can run, 8 weeks until more intensive physical activity.
  • Went to the physio this week – sling is gone, have strengthening exercises. Some movements cause pain, I primarily have discomfort now. Happy to be coding / typing with two hands again.
  • Had Logic – I’m Gone on repeat the whole week. Looping a track helps me focus – I often listen to the same track for a few weeks at a time, hours on end.
  • Pretty bummed that Rdio is shutting down. I’ve been a happy paying customer, guess I’ll cancel that subscription immediately. I’m not sure what other options there are other than Apple Music now.
  • Working on managing my energy levels throughout the day. I am more productive in the evening (coding) vs. during the day (managing, meetings, etc). Lots of late night coding at the moment.
  • Had a Gun Show from Cold Press 4 days in a row until Mike got me an Almond and Peanut Butter smoothie from Nu. Shout out to Mike for being my smoothie runner every day this week.
  • Finally managed to watch Straight Outta Compton and Jurassic World. I’m not sure how much I enjoy movies lately – I’m always analysing the actual actors, camera angles, effects.
  • Played some 8 bit games after Romanda bought a cheap console. Oh how I missed Contra.
  • Ate at a few decent places this week Royale Eatery with Romanda and friends (best burgers in Cape Town), Loading Bay with Brad, Simon and Stephan, Extrablatt with Romanda and her sister. Finished off Sunday with lunch at Die Strandlooper in Langebaan.
  • Phoned my Dad for his birthday on Sunday. Had a chat about how he’s started doing calisthenics after 2 years of cross fit.
  • I’d say 90% of my diet is healthy during the week and 80% healthy on the weekend. Quite important to focus on eating healthy while I can’t do anything physical as my shoulder heals.
  • Following Kyle’s posts on banking and infrastructure. I still have a very keen interest in banking.

Hoping to smash out some huge projects this week with the team.





Quick Update

Quick Update

I’m sure this will be one of the shortest updates ever.

Week of 9 November – 15 November.

Injured my shoulder on Monday evening while playing touch rugby. Basically I have AC Join Separation (Grade 2). I completely appreciate the irony of being injured while playing touch rugby.

Have visited the surgeon, need another 3 weeks of rest to heal properly before starting proper physio, etc but thankfully no surgery is required. I will document some of the process for fun / for others.

  • I’ve spent most of the week in a sling, resting my shoulder and applying ice (and on pain killers).
  • Visited the office for a few hours to catch-up with the team on various projects. I did happen to smash out quite a bit of code with my left hand alone.

And that’s it. Nothing else to report. Looking forward to a productive week.

Quick Update

Quick Update

I’ve been taking notes daily, capturing things when they happen or when I remember them. I’m not sure if the daily format is the best versus some key highlights across the week. Will figure this out each week until I find the format I’m happy with.

Week of 2 November to 8 November.


Walked to work.
Had an iced coffee at Origin. It took a while enjoy.
Skipped lunch.
Visited the dentist.
Scaling decisions – more servers or isolated deployments.
Went to the dentist. Cavity free since 93. Either braces or implants. For now maintain.
Salad (egg and salami) and biltong for lunch.
Played touch rugby at Green Point Park with Clint and Mike. I’m not as fit as I thought, it was mad fun though. Will attempt to do this every Monday going forward.
Caught a jog home.
Hudson’s for Mark’s birthday. Had a health nut burger (without the bun).


Had eggs, bacon, chicken, and avo for lunch with Wayde.
Had a flat white from Origin, it’s been a few weeks. Also had a sencha green tea from Origin. I much prefer Sencha to any other green tea.
Walked home from the office.
Just a few meetings and conference calls.
Had salad for dinner.
Cranked out code until just after 1AM.


Walked to work.
Had a Gun Show smoothie from ColdPress. Also tried their Apple, Mint, and Ginger juice, it has a kick but would have it again.
Had chicken for lunch.
Just a note that life is strange and funny – things can always come full circle.
Walked home.
Took a nap before doing some work in the evening.


Uber to work. Walked home.
Office air con, everyone has an opinion on what the temperature should be.
Grilled hake for lunch.
Had KFC. Don’t want to talk about it.
Seriously digging into the bowels of AWS to figure out how our stack should be structured.


Realised I hadn’t run in the last few days, result of focusing on other things. Can’t let that happen again.
Lunch at Loading Bay – had a chicken burger without the bun (had half the bun).
Lots more time spent on AWS.
Walked home.
Had grilled chicken and veg at Mykonos for dinner.


Breakfast at Limnos, scrambled eggs and salmon. It’s not fancy, but always good.
Afternoon hacking away at more infrastructure ideas – benchmarking and profiling code.
Romanda’s end year fashion show at Fedisa.
Got AfrikaBurn tickets for 2016 – going with Brad and Charl.


Lunch at Qualingos. Had beef medallions, wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. Had the best cappuccino I’ve ever had, so I guess that was a win.
Took a walk through Green Point Park.


  • Definitely want to decide on some metrics to measure weekly in my life. This would span across various facets, not just health.
  • Thinking is probably one of the most underrated and overlooked work function to perform (never mind life skill). I want to spend more time thinking to make more effective decisions.
  • Will spend the next week focusing on being active on schedule.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Going to attempt a weekly life update, in similar fashion to Joe Botha. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll start off brief and go into more detail as I get better at keeping track of things.

Week of 26 October to 1 November.

  • Walked to work 3 days, used Uber twice. Walked back home every day.
  • Ran 3 times last week, twice in the afternoon and once in the morning. Tracking progress on RunKeeper but don’t measure the time / distance I spend on sprint drills.
  • Lunch: salad 2 days, fish 2 days, chicken 1 day. Shared two of those lunches with Pete who cranks out metaphors at Jeremy Clarkson quality. He’s also convinced me to switch from Sublime to PHPStorm.
  • Had a smoothie every day from ColdPress – The Gun Show. I think my next one is free.
  • Getting familiar with the AWS stack again, after doubling down on Rackspace and Linode for the last 2 years.
  • Trying to figure out when I’m best productive at certain tasks / functions so that I can work on them in those periods. Email, meetings, calls, coding, management, planning, and thinking.
  • Been on iOS (iPhone 6S) for 2 weeks now. I don’t miss Android one bit, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love my Nexus 5 while I had it.
  • Had a Halloween party at the office. It’s good to see the team having fun. I never dress up.
  • Happy to see New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup. Incredibly depressed that the du Plessis brothers and Beast played their last international match together.
  • Celebrated a reasonably healthy week with a Spur burger (wasn’t worth it).

Just caught up on a bunch of mail – a little more to do still. An exciting week ahead.