Quick Update

Week of 2 February – 7 February (slightly shorter week due to the Birthday Edition)

I haven’t taken notes for two weeks in a row now. I’ll get back on the proverbial note taking horse this coming week. I’ve just been too busy – diving deep into a critical project we are going live with soon, so no there’s no time for peripheral things.

Cold shower week. I usually allocate a week each month to take cold showers. I do this to re-enforce my stoic beliefs (read Seneca) as well as practice poverty to reduce fear of failure at anything.

  • Tuesday – Dropped off The Beast with Mike. Headed into the office for a day filled with meetings. Started listening to the new Hip Hop mix Mike gave me – some good old school tracks.
  • “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca

  • Wednesday – Another day filled with meetings – hacking in between. Popped home quickly to deal with the plumbing – they’re going to bring in a professional cleaning crew and paint affected walls to make amends (happy). A long night spent hacking.
  • Thursday – Spent the day working from home. Always love working on the bleeding edge, spent a lot of time debugging issues around HHVM – can’t run PHP without it anymore, it’s so fast. A long day / night spent hacking.
  • Friday – Had to miss Brad’s bachelor weekend (insanely bleak) to be all hands on deck with our impending go-live project. Spent the day hacking. Reviewed some minor legal paperwork. Watched the Martian (partially, fell asleep twice).
  • Saturday – Quick breakfast at Limnos and then spent the day hacking.
  • Sunday – Woke-up, wished Kitty for her birthday. Went straight to hacking again for the majority of the day. Took Kitty to the park with Romanda – didn’t last long as it was quite windy.

I haven’t been able to improve my health metrics since the last update. I’m averaging 7k steps per day (down by 1k) and 5h 30m sleep (down 10min) over the last 7 days. Hoping this will dramatically improve soon – well, I can’t hope. I can only do since it’s up to me, innit?

Back to hacking.

Quick Update – Birthday Edition

Quick Update – Birthday Edition

Week of 25 January – 1 February.

I didn’t log a single thing for the week – usually I do this via the Notes app on my iPhone. However I didn’t get around to noting anything and I’m not sure why – probably just been too busy.

Usually my updates are from Monday to Sunday. However, I thought I would include my birthday, which fell on a Monday, in this update as well.

  • Monday – Breakfast with Stephan at Bootlegger to catch-up on a project. Meetings and stuff – can’t really remember.
  • Tuesday – I woke-up. I worked. I ate.
  • Wednesday – Meeting and conf. calls. Lunch with Brad at Food Fitness Factory.
  • Thursday – Spent the day hacking. Occupied the boardroom and multi-tasked across a few critical things with the team. Lunch with Romanda at Food Fitness Factory. Went to watch the new Star Wars – I’m not a hardcore fan, but I was left expecting a bit more. Late night hacking upon returning home.
  • Friday – Another day occupying the boardroom for hacking / war rooming with the team. Went to Tiger’s Milk with a few people from work, it was shit so decided to treat everyone to a Junior burger (had 2 of ’em). Everyone then decided the “party” would move to my apartment – 30 Seconds was the game of choice (super fun).
  • Saturday – Breakfast at Mugg and Bean at the Waterfront (huge mistake). A bit of shopping during the day. Watched some Ray Donovan and then hacking into the evening.
  • Sunday – Chilled day. Worked for the most part. Lots of things happening at the moment.
  • Monday (Birthday) – An epic day! Rented an AC Cobra for the day for a road trip from Cape Town to Hermanus – destination was the spa at Arabella. The idea was to test drive the AC and I’m definitely buying one. The experience was amazing – riding on the open road, exposed to the elements, and got to feel all James Dean like.
  • Romanda rode shotgun with me – often having to check left / right so I could switch lanes as the rearview mirror kept vibrating out of position. The weather was perfect (read sunburn, again). On the way back to Cape Town we had to try beat the weather but got caught in a light drizzle – which was really fun (albeit scary).
  • The justification for an AC Cobra is that you never have to compare it to another car – it doesn’t matter what pulls up next you, you’re in your own league. And you can drive as you please. If you go slow, people assume you’re on a chilled drive and simply pass you while staring / smiling. If you go fast, they just move out the damn way. Also, you don’t need to justify anything. It’s just a rad ride.

In terms of health tracking – the last week has been pretty good in terms of eating healthy (bar my Junior burgers and birthday treats). I’ve really enjoyed seeing my sleep data using my Jawbone UP2. While my goal is 8 hours of sleep, this last week I’ve only averaged 5h 44m of sleep. I’ve managed to average 8 300 steps per day for the last week, which is fair. Definitely need to improve.

Another crazy week ahead kids, so keep it classy.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 18 – 24 January.

Chaotic week. Lots of balls in the air at the moment.

  • Monday – Breakfast at Origin. Worked there for a bit and had a meeting. Haircut at Blokes. Meetings and conf. call. Lunch from Spar (chicken and roast veg). Cool chat with Dave and Marc from Obox, Layers is a really slick product. Went to the Waterfront and bought a Jawbone UP2, primarily for tracking my sleep. Dinner at Tashas.
  • Tuesday – Got into the office early-ish. Meeting and more meetings. Lunch at Bootlegger with Romanda – their “No Bun” burgers are amazing. More meetings and some hacking. Got home early evening to discover that the plumbers managed to block a pipe that leads into my apartment while working on the building’s plumbing – end result was dirty walls and an apartment full of black dust. Spent the entire evening cleaning with Romanda.
  • Wednesday – Romanda made by first NutriBullet – Kale, Mango, and Granadilla. It was amazing – definitely a daily habit in the week. Quick conf. call at the office then had to head back to my apartment to let plumbers continue working on pipes. Lunch at the Food Fitness Factory with Brad (Cajun Chicken Salad). After work 1km run with Romanda to Green Point Park and then a long walk through the park and around Mouille Point to get home. Chicken and Greek salad for dinner.
  • Thursday – Up early and into the office to wrap up documentation. Another NutriBullet with Kale, Mango, Banana, and Pomegranate. Lunch with Brad at Food Fitness Factory (Ostrich Patties on Roasted Vegetables). More documentation and a few meetings. Mini heart attack as Seacom/WACS outage affected some of our services. Dinner at Tashas and Comedy Club with Romanda, Nicole, and Darren.
  • Friday – Quick morning packing. Early lunch at Bootlegger and then a road trip to Pringle Bay for the weekend. Checked into a lovely guesthouse and chilled. Dinner at Bistro 365. Watched Bad Boys 3.
  • Saturday – Woke up early. Read a few letters from Letters from a Stoic. Smoked salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast. Morning stroll on Pringle Bay beach. Quick swim and then lay by the pool – rookie error, fell asleep and got sunburnt to a crisp. Took a stroll around central Pringle Bay, lunch at Simply Coffee. Afternoon nap. Dinner at Perigators.
  • “With some people you only need to point to a remedy; others need to have it rammed into them.” – Seneca
  • Sunday – Read a few more letters from Letters from a Stoic. Smoked salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast. Packed up and headed home. Met up at Quaglinos with some of the team who went to watch the Kaizer Chiefs game. Sunday night prep. for the week ahead.
  • “A man who follows someone else not only does not find anything, he is not even looking.” – Seneca

Using my Jawbone UP2 to track sleep has been great. It’s forcing me to improve my sleeping habits and overall consciousness of health as it tracks my activity and I keep the food log updated. Will post some stats next week.

Quite a few changes at OnNet recently – lots of thoughts and insight that I would like to share that apply to business in general. Will do in due course – you know, when I have some time.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 11 January – 17 January.

Peak SnapChat. Failed to get off the coffee bean. Romanda returns home.

  • Monday – Breakfast at Bootlegger with Brad and Charl. A few meetings and hacking in between. Grabbed lunch from Active Sushi. Had an Americano (ugh) from Origin – Mike has me drinking these black, no milk or sugar. Spent the afternoon catching up on projects and hacking. 1km run through Green Point Park, watched the lads play touch rugby for a few minutes, it’s been 2 month since I last played (remember the shoulder injury?). Wrapped up with 1km worth of sprint drills and a solid 200m sprint. Dinner at Manos – still the best fillet medallions in Cape Town.
  • Tuesday – Worked from home so Telkom could activate my line – took 3 months for less than 10min effort. Spent the day doing some serious hacking – moving bits and bytes around until the wee hours of the morning. Grabbed dinner from Woolies and Byron popped past quickly to show me progress on a project.
  • Wednesday – Walked to the office. Fruit salad for breakfast. Mike bought me an Americano from Origin. Meetings and conf. calls. Chicken salad for lunch. New project briefs for the team. And more Agile Training for the team. Made dinner at home. Spent the night hacking.
  • Thursday – Breakfast at Bootlegger. Worked from there for a bit before heading into the office. Meetings. Database hacking. Lunch from Active Sushi. Office has gone all SnapChat now – think we’ve reached peak SnapChat. I’ve enjoyed following Dave’s daily stories on SnapChat. More hacking and Agile Training with the team. Fetched Romanda from the airport, she’s back home after a month of being away (stoked).
  • Friday – Breakfast with Romanda at Bootlegger. Quick meeting in the CBD. Project update meetings when I got back into the office. Lunch at Active Sushi – a few team members went, so I tagged along (peak sushi now). Took Romanda to Junior, had to get rid of my craving. Crashed early after a manic week.
  • Saturday – Walked to Quaglinos with Romanda for breakfast. A decent breakfast, but not my first choice. Walked to the Waterfront, finally bought a NutriBullet. Had a few drinks at Meloncino. Returned to the Waterfront later to watch Ride Along 2 – Kevin Hart is the funniest man alive right now. Went to Manhattens afterwards from some drinks with Josh, Clint, and Co. Walked 10km on Saturday.
  • Sunday – Chilled day. Caught up on some much needed rest. Took kitty to the Green Point Park for a bit. Dinner at Tashas.

Nice to see some projects picking up momentum – giving the team the space and freedom to do some really great work and it’s paying off big time. The next two weeks will be huge for setting up 2016 right.

Convinced I need to get a Jawbone UP2, Romanda got one and it’s pretty impressive. As I’ve said before, I need to track more metrics in my life – this will help me. I’m particularly keen to track my sleep (the rest is a bonus).

Need to get off of the coffee, way too many Americanos and flat whites this week, and back onto tea – green tea to be precise.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 4 January – 10 January.

Started healthy, finished trying to get fat. First week back in the office. Walked to work and back the whole week – been walking almost everywhere actually.

  • Monday – Got into the office early. Gave the team the 2016 speech. Breakfast with Brad at Bootlegger. A few meetings. First day felt really long. Made dinner at home. Watched Ray Donovan.
  • Tuesday – Breakfast with Vince at Bootlegger. Quick product meeting. Hacked away on a new Vagrant config and some AWS stack stuff. Lunch from ColdPress. Super quick drink with Vince, Brendan, Julia, and Marcel at Manhattans after work. Really good run – 1km warm-up and 1km worth of sprint drills. Dinner at Tashas. Spent the evening hacking.
  • Wednesday – Breakfast at Bootlegger with the Ops team. Conf. call and a few quick meetings. Grabbed lunch and a smoothie from ColdPress – not doing the daily smoothie thing anymore, too much dairy. A bit of hacking during the day, ended off with an Ops catch-up session. Dinner from Woolies (healthy). Got my Uber stats from the last 2 years or so. Spent the evening hacking again.
  • Thursday – Walked to the office. Fruit salad from Woolies for breakfast. Meetings and hacking. Lunch with Mike at Latitude 33. Started Agile Training sessions with the entire team. Drinks at Quaglinos and Comedy Club with Bridget, Mike, Nicole, and Stephan. The comedy show was incredibly funny. If there’s one thing South African’s have in common, it’s having the ability to laugh at themselves.
  • Friday – Walked to the office. Spent the day hacking and more Agile Training. Didn’t take enough notes for the day.
  • Saturday – Made breakfast at home. Mike pinged me, random lunch at Royale Eatery (had a milkshake) and then drinks at Park Inn roof top. Walked through the CDB. Started the evening at Junior – had a religious experience with their premium hipster fast food burger (definitely a once-a-month treat). Kloof to Bree mission via Long – stopped at Yours Truly for some drinks. I put a tequila in Mike’s espresso, as a result I have to try Americanos for the next two weeks without milk or sugar (ugh). Grabbed a slice at NY Slice Pizza. Long walk to wrap up at La Parada.
  • Sunday – Made breakfast again. Really chuffed with the quality of my breakfast. Lots of hacking throughout the day – working on a centralised queueing system for our products. Grabbed lunch with Byron at La Vie – ended up having Fish & Chips and a whole pizza. Walked home via the promenade. Skipped my run. Watched Riddick which I found to be terrible, especially since I loved the previous movies. Late night hacking.

Still some more planning required for 2016 – but the team is starting to gain momentum. I have some personal admin to wrap up. Looking forward having Romanda back from her travels next week.

Stay classy people, stay classy.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 28th December – 3rd January.

Find your Joe. Also known as Bootlegger week.

  • Monday – Breakfast at Sotano. Walk around Green Point Park and then walk + quick Uber trip to take a walk around Company Gardens. Quick drink at the roof top bar at the Park Inn. Dropped my mom off at the airport. Had a catch-up with Kyle at the airport – chatted banking, economy, start-ups, and living abroad. Kyle called me through Facebook Messenger, it was unexpected but good call quality.
  • Tuesday – Breakfast with Byron at Bootlegger. Walk to the Waterfront to shop for new running shoes, bought Nike Free 5.0. Grabbed launch at Dalliance, which I’ve always walked past and ignored but it’s actually a hidden gem. 2km run through Green Point Park. First run since my shoulder injury, could have pushed a little faster or further but it was quite hot and also wanted to gauge strain on my shoulder afterwards (12 – 24 hours).
  • Wednesday – Breakfast at Bootlegger (again). Since it’s new the service is good and the food quality is great. I’ll ride this out until it starts to slip. Visited the bank branch to get a new card – it’s NFC enabled. Branches are dying, mobile banking is rising (old news but the data is in).  Watched Spectre at the Waterfront, wasted 2.5 hours of my life. It didn’t feel like a Bond film, no real villain and lots of logical gaps. Dinner at Tashas. It’s nice being a regular, you get much better service at places when they know you.
  • Thursday – Breakfast with Joe at Bootlegger (Bantry Bay). Long chat about fintech, start-ups, among other things. It was great to finally catch-up. Headed to the office to catch-up on some work. Also did a clean install of El Capitan. Chilled New Years Eve.
  • Friday – Got tired of eating out for weeks on end. Made my own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Spent the day planning for Q1 2016. Watched a bit of Ray Donovan.
  • Saturday – Again, cooked for myself. Spent most of the day continuing my Q1 2016 planning. Early evening 2km run through Green Point Park and the Promenade.
  • Sunday – Breakfast at Bootlegger, spent a few hours there working. Took the elevator up to Batstone Pool and worked for another hour or so while sipping on a Mojito. Ended off the day with dinner at Tashas with Stephan.

Back in the office this week. While I’ve done lots of planning, there’s still quite a bit more to do. Some rough ideas that need proper formation now. Looking forward to seeing the team again and getting 2016 off to a cracking start.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 21 December – 27 December.

With the office closed, it was a chilled week. However, trying to relax and rest was a little tricky. It takes a while to switch off, unfortunately I can’t do that very well. Lots of thoughts. Had my mom in Cape Town for the week, showed her around a bit.

  • Monday – Haircut at Blokes. Catch-up with Byron at Quaglino’s. Quick dinner at Mano’s before heading to the airport. Mother’s flight was delayed by 6 hours, she landed just after midnight.
  • Tuesday – Breakfast at Cafe Neo. Long walk around the whole promenade (minor sunburn :/). Dinner at Mykonos Taverna.
  • Wednesday – Breakfast at Limnos, quick coffee at Origin. Drive through Hout Bay and around Chapman’s Peak. Coffee at Vovo Telo on Kloof. Dinner at Tasha’s at the V&A Waterfront. Quick drive up Signal Hill to see the city at night.
  • Thursday – Woke up super late. Walked to the V&A Waterfront. Breakfast at Mugg & Bean (ugh, regret). Long walk around the Waterfront. Grabbed a gelato and a walk on the promenade to watch the sunset – bumped into Clint. Watched Zombieland (a classic for me).
  • Friday – Christmas and chill.
  • Saturday – Breakfast at the new Bootlegger that has replaced Voila at Cape Quarter – very decent, although I will miss the butter chicken wraps. Drive through and around Blouberg and Big Bay. Dinner at Quaglino’s.
  • Sunday – Chilled day. Depressed about having to cancel booking at Mondiall, but mother wasn’t feeling too well.

Looking forward to making the most out of the last few days of 2015. Have a few books I need to read again (annual reads) and some new ones too. Will also get my head around some planning for the new year.