Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 18 – 24 April.

Basically a week of practise what you preach.

  • Monday – 06h30 wake-up. Quick jog to gym. Cold shower. Breakfast at Shift. Meetings at the office. Lunch at Food Fitness Factory (FFF) with Brad, Charl, and Maria. Work and meetings. Hair cut at Blokes. Walked home. Email. Upgraded to a Macbook Pro 13″ Retina – life has changed. Dinner at Balducci with Romanda.
  • Tuesday – Take-away breakfast from FFF, super healthy oats. Meetings. Spent time reviewing agreements – really enjoy it, I need to continue with my LLB. Lunch at Bootlegger. Work and email at the office. A brutal gym session. Dinner at home. Rest.
  • Wednesday – Breakfast at Shift. Worked from home for the day. Lunch at Rocomamas with Mike. More hacking. Dinner at home. Watched some TV. Had to stay up slightly later due to some network upgrades on a live project.
  • Thursday – Breakfast at Loading Bay. Work and meetings. Lunch at Manhattans with Brendon and Vince. Spent more time coding. Gym. Walked home Dinner at home.
  • Friday – Breakfast at Bootlegger. Headed to the office. Reviewed more agreements. Lunch at Loading Bay with Mike. A few meetings and email. Headed home. Chilled for the evening.
  • Saturday – Breakfast at Shift with Romanda. Went to the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival. Enjoyed some of the talks. A really nice venue and setup as well. Now fighting the urge to buy a C-Class Coupe, it’s a beautiful car. Had lunch at Tashas. Watch Ted 2 finally – it wasn’t a great film but it was random and funny.
  • Sunday – Breakfast at Vovo Telo. A walk around the V&A harbour, watched some Triathlon athletes swimming. Spent the afternoon working, researching, and catching up on things in general.

In terms of health, it’s been a really good week. I’ve started gym, I’m eating quite healthy, and got fairly good sleep. I’ll start including my Jawbone statistics again next week. I’m quite bummed to be missing AfrikaBurn, however I’m quite happy to be working and resting in between.

Even though I’m walking to work and back home again, I still feel like I’m using Uber too much – and I don’t know why. I think I’m nearing my 1000th Uber trip (I need to check). On a side note, I am using Siri a lot more – especially for timing the steeping of my tea.

Any way, that’s programming as usual. Until next week.

Quick Update

Quick Update

It’s been quite a while since I posted an update. I have been on a bit of a philosophical re-alignment. I started feeling burnt out around early March, as a result of pushing really hard in January and February – never mind the last few years.

Unfortunately I won’t ever stop pushing hard, however I needed to create more balance in my life. I am definitely not after the elusive work-life balance. I am more so after a self determined balance that ensures I am living a fulfilled life and everything I do is aligned to my goals, philosophy, and belief systems. I’ve been fully tilted towards work.

Instead of spending time keeping notes for my updates, I spent time journaling thoughts and questioned everything from the ground up. I have enjoyed the process and I don’t think I am anywhere near done. However, I am starting to feel revived again and am much more focused.

“What man can you show me who places any value on his time, who reckons the worth of each day, who understands that he is dying daily?” – Seneca

I have doubled down on my following of Stoicism. Each morning I listen a letter written by Seneca (Tao of Seneca) – this upcoming week is Stoic week. I have realised the value of my time and now focus relentlessly on protecting it and ensuring it is spent wisely*.

I have started giving much needed attention to my health, prevention is better than cure. Getting 8 hours of sleep and regular exercise has become a must.

And, lastly, I am paying to attention to maintaining deeper relationships with those already near and dear to me as well as building deeper relationships with more people. Trying to ensure I don’t eat alone is a good example of using my time wisely to improve my relationships with people.

Expect the usual updates to resume as of next week. Until then, keep it classy Internet.

* Note how I used the word wisely and not something like productively or efficiently. It’s an important note. Think about it.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Weeks of 22 February – 6 March.

As the dates would suggest, I didn’t post an update last week for the first time since I’ve started doing my weekly updates. I’m going to try a different format for this update – instead of doing the daily break down, I’ll do some highlights and lowlights.


  • Breakfasts & Coffees – I’ve continued the Bootlegger spree – spinach and salmon omelette is my new staple. Think I visited Shift once, still like it. Origin is still my go-to, to-go, coffee spot throughout the day.
  • Lunches & Dinners – Went to Carne with Romanda, best steak in Cape Town. Had lunch with Clint at Loading Bay (super decent bunless burgers). Had a great catch-up with Johann, he brought me up-to-speed on his journey with his start-up Passmarked. Lunch with Brad, Simon, and Michelle at Food Fitness Factory – always the healthy option.
  • Brad’s Wedding – Had an awesome weekend in Tulbagh for Brad and Maria’s wedding at Montpellier. Romanda and I stayed in a treehouse at Vindoux. Had one of the best massages of my life at their day spa. Rented a Mercedes Benz C180 for the trip / weekend – a decent car, but I wouldn’t buy one.
  • Run / Steps – I was able to sneak in a run somewhere, I’ve been getting frustrated with the lack of physical exercise while I’ve been bogged down with work. I’m trying to keep my step counts up by walking everywhere, so I’m feeling good.
  • Philosophy & Deep Thoughts – Had a great long chat with my Dad the other day – parents can often provide profound insight (they know us best right?). Started listening to Tao of Seneca on my walk to work and back. I’m starting to better understand who I want to be over the next 50+ years.


  • Lack of Sleep – Starting to feel the effects. I will write an essay on this in due course. Suffice to say this won’t be a continuing trend soon.
  • Personal Admin – Have a bunch of things on the back burner that need attention. It’s easy to park personal admin, with the typical “I’ll get to it later” excuse. However, there has been some real opportunity cost by not doing some things.
  • Coffee / Caffeine – I’m consuming way too much caffeine at the moment – I need to dial it down. I’ll do so with a measured approach, so as to manage the caffeine withdrawals (read migraines). I’ll decrease by around 40mg a day (about 1 / 1.5 cups).

I’m quite excited for the week ahead – the project I’ve been working on has launched and we’ll start to see the uptick this week. However, I’m more excited for the week of stoicism ahead.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 15 – 21 February.

I’m really trying to think long-term lately, whether the decision be macro or micro. The aim is to reduce short-term emotional rollercoaster rides and improve my thinking around what really matters. When you think long, things appear to be a lot clearer – all the bullshit fades into the fringes.

  • Monday – 4h 45min sleep. Breakfast at Bootlegger – impromptu meeting with Brad and Charl. Quick catch-ups once in the office. Emails and code. NutriBullet and then a proper sync with the team. A bit more code and planning – loving CloudCraft. Walked home, watched some TV, and more late night hacking.
  • Tuesday – 5h 11min sleep. Worked from home. Grabbed lunch from Shift Espresso Bar. Walked to the office for a quick check-in and then back home to continue working. Dinner at Manos (quality has slipped). Have an awesome idea for a book. More late night hacking.
  • Wednesday – 3h 8min sleep. Grabbed a coffee to go from Bootlegger with Bridget and Nicole. Spent the morning hacking. Lunch with Matt at Bootlegger – a deep chat about company culture, organisation, process, and the art of delegation. Continued hacking throughout the afternoon – some quick check-ins with the team. A new pair of Nike’s from Superbalist arrived. Walked home. Dinner from Woolies. Watched some TV. Late night hacking.
  • Thursday – 6h 16min sleep. Increase in sleep meant I felt wrecked for most of the morning. Worked from home for the morning. Met Mike for lunch at The Butcher Man. Decided to give Periscope a bash – some random people watched us waiting for our burgers. Got into the office, a bunch of meetings and design reviews. Headed home. Mondial for dinner. Watched TV and then more hacking.
  • Friday – 6h 33min sleep. Woke-up and ranted about education on Twitter – sparked by the recent student protests at UCT. A broken system that needs fixing (not-for-profit). Had a NutriBullet and Uber’d to the office. Lunch with Vince at IYO. A few more meetings. Headed home. Watched TV and chilled for the evening.
  • Saturday – 8h 52min sleep. Breakfast at Shift with Romanda. A quick mission to the Waterfront and Sea Point – walked around Sea Point for a while. Pit stop at Woolies to grab a coffee on the way home (and claim my R250 gift card for the fly incident). Afternoon hacking. Romanda and I met up with Mike, Bridget and Glen at Extrablatt for pre-match drinks and snacks. Walked to the stadium to watch Kaizer Chiefs play against Super Sport United. Glad AmaKhosi won. Loved the vibe around Green Point after the match – we’re so distracted by what divides in this country, it’s nice to know things can still unite us!
  • Sunday – 8h 28min sleep. Slept in a bit. Late breakfast at Shift with Romanda. Bumped into Mike – he joined us for a bit. Spent the afternoon working. Watched some TV and then more hacking.

Health Stats: Pretty stoked with my progress this week. I’ve had a NutriBullet every day and eating quite healthy (80/20 rule). I averaged 10.5k steps per day (up by 1.7k). Obviously sleep is lacking a bit, trying to make it up towards the end of the week doesn’t help either. It needs to be consistent. I averaged 6h 10min (down 22min).

“Then again, what’s the point of having fuck you money if you never say fuck you?” – Bobby Axelrod, Billions

Whenever I go on late night hacking binges, Hip Hop plays an important role. I don’t know how anyone grinds without Hip Hop – although Micheal Burry did use metal to do his thing. I’ve been looping an old favourite of mine, Vado – Large on the Street.

Another busy week ahead – I’m sure it’s going to be a good one. Let’s see where the chips fall.

Quick Update

Quick Update

Week of 8 – 14 February.

I’m not sure how to categorise this week. I’ve been crushing it, so less sleep but my sleep has been higher quality. I’ve had to consume way too much caffeine to keep myself focused and moving (placebo maybe). I’ve moved a lot, I’ve eaten healthy (80/20). I feel tired but I feel great – whatever.

  • Monday – 7h 31m of sleep (night before). Breakfast at Bootlegger, worked there for a while. Headed to the office. Quick catch-ups with the team. Loads of hacking and testing (tcpdump and Wireshark are my friends). Listened in on an interesting meeting Andrew was running with his SaveMoney team. Walked home. Popped past Woolies. Watched Ray Donovan. Late night hacking.
  • Tuesday – 4h 00m of sleep. Worked from home. Continued to spend the day hacking – some light Slack and email in between. Had a bunless burger from Hudson’s with Romanda. Grabbed a coffee from Woolies on the way home – it had a fly in it, so extra vitamins for me. More late night hacking.
  • Wednesday – 7h 21m of sleep. Breakfast at Bootlegger, which lead to a huge mail catch-up session. Had a spinach and salmon omelette. Went to the office for a few meetings and more hacking. Grabbed lunch from Spar. I’ve gone all in on Nike Roshe Runs – orders started arriving at the office. Enjoyed the carrot and orange NutriBullet Romanda made for me. Early evening nap and then more late night hacking.
  • Thursday – 5h 11m of sleep. Walked to work. Morning coffee from Origin with Declan, Dewald, James, and Mark. Walked to Shelf Life to buy Crep Protect for my sneakers. Had lunch with Mike at Dapper Coffee Co. – had a bunless burger. Back to the office to continue hacking, things got so complex I dragged a whiteboard into my office. Got home to watch SONA 2016 – only for the comedy. And then more late night hacking.
  • Friday – 4h 45min of sleep. Breakfast with Hendri at Clarke’s. Had a good catch-up. Walked to the office, quick catch-up with Brad. Poked my head into a few meetings. Lunch with Brad at Food Fitness Factory – had a cajun chicken salad. PHP and Laravel training with some of the team – reviewing code is important. Watched The Big Short with Romanda. Loved the movie, just wondered why John Paulson’s story wasn’t included – read The Greatest Trade Ever.
  • Saturday – 7h 20m of sleep. Breakfast at Bootlegger with Romanda – sneaked in Flapjacks as a treat. Light shopping. Walked home. Spent the rest of the day working.
  • Sunday – 9h 35m of sleep (not entirely convinced, I fell asleep on the couch though). Woke-up late-ish. Went to Rhodes Memorial with Romanda for a Valentine’s day picnic. It was super fun – we played Bananagrams. Headed home – popped into Woolies to grab a coffee, sans a fly, and it was on the house. Spent the rest of the day working / hacking and reflecting.

So health stats are looking a bit better. Even though I’ve had to crush it lately, I’ve also tried to sneak in some quality sleep. I’m averaging 8.8k steps per day (up by 1.8k) and 6h 32m sleep (up by 1h 2m). Since I’ve had my Jawbone wake me up consistently every morning for the last month, I have to note my energy levels in the morning are much better (read consistent) and I am definitely less groggier.

Another crazy week ahead – aren’t they always? Looking forward to smashing it out with the team.


Quick Update

Week of 2 February – 7 February (slightly shorter week due to the Birthday Edition)

I haven’t taken notes for two weeks in a row now. I’ll get back on the proverbial note taking horse this coming week. I’ve just been too busy – diving deep into a critical project we are going live with soon, so no there’s no time for peripheral things.

Cold shower week. I usually allocate a week each month to take cold showers. I do this to re-enforce my stoic beliefs (read Seneca) as well as practice poverty to reduce fear of failure at anything.

  • Tuesday – Dropped off The Beast with Mike. Headed into the office for a day filled with meetings. Started listening to the new Hip Hop mix Mike gave me – some good old school tracks.
  • “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca

  • Wednesday – Another day filled with meetings – hacking in between. Popped home quickly to deal with the plumbing – they’re going to bring in a professional cleaning crew and paint affected walls to make amends (happy). A long night spent hacking.
  • Thursday – Spent the day working from home. Always love working on the bleeding edge, spent a lot of time debugging issues around HHVM – can’t run PHP without it anymore, it’s so fast. A long day / night spent hacking.
  • Friday – Had to miss Brad’s bachelor weekend (insanely bleak) to be all hands on deck with our impending go-live project. Spent the day hacking. Reviewed some minor legal paperwork. Watched the Martian (partially, fell asleep twice).
  • Saturday – Quick breakfast at Limnos and then spent the day hacking.
  • Sunday – Woke-up, wished Kitty for her birthday. Went straight to hacking again for the majority of the day. Took Kitty to the park with Romanda – didn’t last long as it was quite windy.

I haven’t been able to improve my health metrics since the last update. I’m averaging 7k steps per day (down by 1k) and 5h 30m sleep (down 10min) over the last 7 days. Hoping this will dramatically improve soon – well, I can’t hope. I can only do since it’s up to me, innit?

Back to hacking.

Quick Update – Birthday Edition

Quick Update – Birthday Edition

Week of 25 January – 1 February.

I didn’t log a single thing for the week – usually I do this via the Notes app on my iPhone. However I didn’t get around to noting anything and I’m not sure why – probably just been too busy.

Usually my updates are from Monday to Sunday. However, I thought I would include my birthday, which fell on a Monday, in this update as well.

  • Monday – Breakfast with Stephan at Bootlegger to catch-up on a project. Meetings and stuff – can’t really remember.
  • Tuesday – I woke-up. I worked. I ate.
  • Wednesday – Meeting and conf. calls. Lunch with Brad at Food Fitness Factory.
  • Thursday – Spent the day hacking. Occupied the boardroom and multi-tasked across a few critical things with the team. Lunch with Romanda at Food Fitness Factory. Went to watch the new Star Wars – I’m not a hardcore fan, but I was left expecting a bit more. Late night hacking upon returning home.
  • Friday – Another day occupying the boardroom for hacking / war rooming with the team. Went to Tiger’s Milk with a few people from work, it was shit so decided to treat everyone to a Junior burger (had 2 of ’em). Everyone then decided the “party” would move to my apartment – 30 Seconds was the game of choice (super fun).
  • Saturday – Breakfast at Mugg and Bean at the Waterfront (huge mistake). A bit of shopping during the day. Watched some Ray Donovan and then hacking into the evening.
  • Sunday – Chilled day. Worked for the most part. Lots of things happening at the moment.
  • Monday (Birthday) – An epic day! Rented an AC Cobra for the day for a road trip from Cape Town to Hermanus – destination was the spa at Arabella. The idea was to test drive the AC and I’m definitely buying one. The experience was amazing – riding on the open road, exposed to the elements, and got to feel all James Dean like.
  • Romanda rode shotgun with me – often having to check left / right so I could switch lanes as the rearview mirror kept vibrating out of position. The weather was perfect (read sunburn, again). On the way back to Cape Town we had to try beat the weather but got caught in a light drizzle – which was really fun (albeit scary).
  • The justification for an AC Cobra is that you never have to compare it to another car – it doesn’t matter what pulls up next you, you’re in your own league. And you can drive as you please. If you go slow, people assume you’re on a chilled drive and simply pass you while staring / smiling. If you go fast, they just move out the damn way. Also, you don’t need to justify anything. It’s just a rad ride.

In terms of health tracking – the last week has been pretty good in terms of eating healthy (bar my Junior burgers and birthday treats). I’ve really enjoyed seeing my sleep data using my Jawbone UP2. While my goal is 8 hours of sleep, this last week I’ve only averaged 5h 44m of sleep. I’ve managed to average 8 300 steps per day for the last week, which is fair. Definitely need to improve.

Another crazy week ahead kids, so keep it classy.