I'm Tyler Reed, a tech entrepreneur based in Cape Town, South Africa. I like to spend time figuring out how technology and business intersect. I have a mission to build successful and sustainable companies that people love to work at.

I often refer to myself as an amateur philosopher and enjoy health hacking to improve myself and to prevent serious illness.

I am a proud dad who wants to be known as a beast of a father - think beast mode but for the benefit of my kid(s).

I have many interests, akin to a jack of all trades and a master of some or none - depending on the day. I listen to rap / hip hop (none of the new crap) and I'm a Porsche enthusiast.

In my professional capacity, I have built and lead highly talented teams to design, develop, and ship highly scalable, redundant, and performant products and platforms from start-up to enterprise levels that generate billions of transactions and hundreds of millions in revenue.

I used to blog a lot, mostly about tech start-ups and then about my weekly movements (journaling). I stopped all social media for 2019 and realised that I missed blogging - so I've decided to start blogging again from time to time.

I plan on using this space to write about things that interest me and that I think will add value to someone's life if they were to read it.